School Construction Program

Most of the schools in Nepal do not have basic physical infrastructures like toilets, proper classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, or even drinking water. Therefore, children and community people  are facing many problems and often find it difficult to get service from these institutions. VSSN has been working very hard to provide interested institutions with volunteers who are ready to help to build basic infrastructures and other desperately needed improvements in public schools.

In this program interested individuals, students, tourists, professionals, organizations, and other groups could give support by contributing funds and materials or by getting involved themselves in construction program, whilst simultaneously touring different areas of Nepal.

When the volunteers first arrive in Nepal they may enjoy sight seeing or some light trekking for few a days. Upon their return to Kathmandu, they will travel to schools to construct physical infrastructures-- e.g. toilets, libraries, class-rooms, compound walls, water supplies, garden and play-grounds etc. Once stationed, the groups will work to build infrastructure between one and two weeks.

Volunteers do not have to have any skills or knowledge about construction, as they will mainly be doing unskilled work such as digging, mixing sand and cement, carrying rocks, sand and bricks, fetching water, and painting the school buildings. They will be led by skilled Nepali and work together with local people who will be providing free labor for the betterment of their communities.

Volunteers who wish to stay for longer afterwards may participate in our other volunteer programs e.g. teaching in schools, community education and environmental program, working in orphanages and home stay program. If enough volunteers participate at any given time, VSSN can organize appropriate, utilizing Nepali skilled-labors and their own knowledge where applicable.
This includes the construction of smokeless stoves, toilets, soak pits, and other facilities that can improve the basic standard of living. VSSN will arrange for volunteering sites, skilled manpower, food and accommodation, logistical support and training, etc. Volunteer will stay and eat with Nepali family, where they will have a great opportunity to see and enjoy the Nepali life and culture.

We have completed many projects with very successful outcome. Our community institutions as like schools, health centers and orphanages who are located in different villages are always looking forward to receive next project. Therefore, we request you to apply for this hugely rewarding program.


Please apply group only, your group size should be between 2 to 20 people. For individuals we have painting project only. Each participates must collect Euros 150 extra for this program.

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