Earthquake Rebuild Program

Project information:

We have established a volunteer project in Chadani Mandan VDC, Halede ward no:4 in Kavre district for upcoming VSSN volunteers who want to help in rural area. This village is located in 62km east from Kathmandu. In this village 35 people died, 47 injured, 900+ houses collapsed and about 500 cattles dead from the recent earthquake, it is a beautiful remote village located in the border of Sindhupalchok and Kavre distric. Not much aid arrived here, local people are supporting to villgers to establish lives. VSSN has set a relief/rebuilding project, volunteers will go to this village, build shelters and also do other works involving with local people. We are hoping to provide volunteer support continuesly for 3 years.

Project implementation:

We are working for two years in the village; we came to establish this volunteer's placement after the earthquake. There is no any proper house remained, volunteers will stay in a tunnel house or in tent. There is no proper toilet, recently we made a temporary toilet for our volunteers, first group of our international volunteers in this village joined toilet construction project. Volunteers will mainly contribute to the villagers by helping children to learn in school, donating temporery shelter (tunnel house) giving hands in construction work etc. Villagers are helpless, psychologically depressed, our volunteers will also be part of their daily life encouraging them to stand again.

What to give?
We request all volunteers to pay program fee mentioned in the website and also extra amount especially to donate materials (150US$), we will buy building materials and each volunteers can involve in shopping too. You are paying money so it is your right to know how it is using. We will know exactly what villagers really require at the time when you are here and buy materials according to the need of local people.
Achivements (Updated, 27 September2016): Our volunteers donated 18tunnel houses for different needy families, one toilet, 38 water filteres to schools, some supplies to school children. Four goups of volunteers went ,gave their helping hands to remove rubble, teach in school and build tunnel houses. we distributed 75 warm jackets for girls in school.
You can help in two ways;
1. Participating in program as a volunteer.
2. Raising fund in your own area and sending to our program.
We have established a PayPal account:- - Your donation will be used to rebuild village.
Account holder Mr.Randy Bollig is American Citizen who is now a university teacher in Japan, also director of Family & Friends Project (F&FP), Status: Non Profit Organization (NPO), ragistered in Japan. He is alerady helping in Nepal in different education programs together with VSSN for last some years.
Randy's phone number in Japan: 81-078-271-9361
Please inform us if know any eathquake rebuilding/ relief ideas. Thank you very much.

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