Child Sponsorship Program

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, the per-capita income of Nepali people is 165€ (US $240), and more than 45% of Nepali people are illiterate. There is an unbelievable amount of parents who are unable send their children to school due to the incredibly low income-rate, so their children often have to endure difficult manual labor from a young age. Another major obstacle is that most of the rural population does not understand the value of education.

VSSN has plans to initiate an education program for children and illiterate parents. This information will be used to help gain international attention and support in the form of funds, books, and other supplies, thereby forging a long-term relationship between children who are not able to go to school due to financial problems and people who are interested in making someone's future brighter by making small contributions.

VSSN has designed this program with the idea, and hope, that small contributions of money and supplies can benefit and even change the lives of many poor and needy children and their parents. Parents play a major role in their children's education, as the children spend the majority of their time at home and only five to six hours a day in school if they attend the school. Therefore, VSSN aims to work with children as well as their parents, in an effort to increase the general populations' confidence in the value of education.

Who will receive support in the Child sponsorship program?
Financially very poor, Orphans, Girls, From underprivileged groups, Handicapped/ mentally retarded etc.

Who else will be in the selection committee? - Head teacher, VDC (Village Development Committee) Chairman/ ward, Chairman, VSSN representative

Who is encouraged to get involved in this program? - Local people, Overseas individuals, organizations/donor agencies, and VSSN volunteers.

When will the child begin to receive support?- VSSN will select children and send their photos along with detailed information and letters of assurance from VSSN volunteers working on the ground. After receiving all the information the sponsor can choose and start sponsoring

How much money is needed to help? Around 20€ (US$25 or more) per month per student.

What does the child receive? - Admission fees/ Examination fees/ Monthly Tution Fees. Uniform. Stationery and other school supplies.

What does VSSN do?
VSSN provides the link between the sponsor, parents, school and child.
Collects children's photos and biographical information, and sends all information and details to prospective sponsor.
Visits the children, their schools, and their parents when needed.
Collects children's progress reports and send them to sponsor's email.
Helps the children to write letters to their sponsors, if the sponsors so desire.

VSSN does not take any commission from sponsorship program, your 100% fund will go directly to educate a child - we guarantee this!.  We are supporting more than 80 children in Nepal. We specially thankful to those individuals and volunteers who are providing their generous and continuous funding support to educate Nepali children.
If any individuals or organizations are interested to support a helpless children in Nepal please contact at:, or you can also write emails to our contact persons below.

Contact person in Japan/ USA
Mr. Randall W. Bollig (Randy)
Family & Friend's Project
Email: , join in FB.

Contact person in the U.K./Australia
VSSN ex-volunteer, Australian citizen Mr. Jon Meston who is living in the UK is helping Nepali about 30 children to find sponsors and also collecting fund. Please email him for more information about sponsoring.
Jon's email is:
Contact persons in The Netherlands
Our volunteers from The Netherlands Ms. Mayke Treur and Mr. Lennart Bongartz are our sponsorship contact persons in The Netherlands.
Please do not hesitate to contact via email:

Contact Address

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Matrika Rijal
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