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VSSN is a Nepal based, Nepali community owned volunteering organization dedicated to providing year-round  volunteering programs for international volunteers to interact in development process by involving in different activities which support to enrich the lives of deprived children and women, mainly education and health issues.


We believe that well prepared and good guided volunteers combining with well managed program can make very positive changes in our society.


Volunteer Service and Support Nepal (VSSN) concept was established in 2001 and it was able to run volunteering programes from 2004. VSSN started supporting some of the less fortunate children of the country, in an effort to improve their education and development at the grass roots level, by awarding scholarships for primary and secondary schools and strengthening community organizational capabilities. A concentrated effort was made to help and develop the managerial and organizational capacity of local institutions, communities, and individuals. Efforts were made to increase the number of community-based projects in some area of Nepal. VSSN also works together with some international and local organizations.


We are a non-governmental organization (NGO) that raises and saves funds from participants fees to provide programs and services to children and families, schools, orphanages, health centers and local clubs. VSSN was founded by a group of development specialists, social workers, cultural and tourism experts with the help of ex-volunteers.


Voluntary work in Nepal can be an extremely rewarding and life-changing experience; Volunteers will receive a warm welcome from Nepali people from arrival to throughout the stay. Furthermore they will live and work in one of the world's most mixed of culture, with geography that ranges from the peak of the Himalaya to the tropical heat of the flat Tarai; from the chaos of Kathmandu to the tranquility of the many rural villages.Volunteers will get the maximum benefit and personal reward from VSSN programs, in conjunction with many local Nepali people.

At VSSN we are looking for people who are positive, energetic, open-minded, interested in experiencing something new and different, and at the same time, doing some good.  Participants should be willing to leave preconceived notions and lifestyles behind, at least for the time they are in Nepal; to observe, learn, respect, and explore new ways of seeing, living, and thinking. They should be willing to try to understand the difficulties facing people in a developing country, and to accept the fact that the work/living conditions, lifestyles, habits, and points of view are likely different from their own, or from what they are used to, or have seen before.  Lastly, although volunteers should be willing to make certain sacrifices, they should also have fun and do their best to provide a positive, productive experience for the Nepali children and adults they are in contact and work with. Doing this, we strongly believe, will provide volunteers with the best opportunity for a very rewarding and meaningful experience.  Happy volunteering!

VSSN is registered with Nepal Government as an NGO. Registration No: 1333-065
Social Welfare Council Nepal Affiliation No: 35509, PAN No: 600624046

About our website:
"An effort has given while making this website to keep most important and honest information only. We update all information in our site regularly.. Please do write us  your feed back and questions regarding programs; and of-course about  our website. :)) we always listen to your valuable suggestions".- VSSN Staffs.

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Volunteer Service & Support Nepal
Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu.
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